How can you save energy in the office?

How can you save energy in the office?

How can you save energy in the office?

If you get down to it, in most cases, a person spends more time at work than at home. The use of energy is essential and fundamental to be able to carry out the tasks that is assigned: computers digital signage solution malaysia, machinery and thus an endless number of devices and appliances that allow us to carry out your daily work.

Energy is more present in your life than you can imagine and yet you don’t quite give it the importance it really has. Because a good use of energy not only allows you to save on monthly electricity bills, but you will also be considerably reducing the CO2 emissions that feed climate change every day.

Taking this premise as a starting point, the communication agency have put the batteries to begin applying a series of measures to reduce energy consumption. So that words do not remain on paper, the communication agency have put into practice a series of tips to achieve savings for 2017, and that any company, entity and / organization can carry out to significantly reduce the I’m spending your bills, and doing the environment a favor. 

How to Save Energy in the Office: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Do you want to know what they are?:

  • Completely turned off computers: when you turn off the computer you have to do it not only on the tower, but also on the computer screen. The screens that are left with a little light smart digital signage, means that they are in “stand by” and therefore they will be consuming energy during the whole time that you are not at work.
  • Place power strips with switch: these simple devices become great allies to be efficient and save energy. Several computers can be plugged in and even if their screens have not been turned off, with a single “click” you can turn off all those computers, printers and other devices that have been on standby.

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  • Change the lights: It is a simple gesture, but just by changing the incandescent or halogen bulbs that you have in the workplace for other LEDs, you will begin to amortize in your invoice what you have invested for the purchase of new bulbs.
  • Keep the lights off in the spaces that are not occupied: it seems something very obvious, but it is certain that on many occasions you have left a disused device on. The cleanest and most saved kWh is the one that is not consumed.
  • Distribution of workstations: if you have natural light you must take advantage of it in order to get the most out of it. In this sense, it is important to orient the work tables where there is more natural light to avoid turning on the switch.
  • Appoint someone responsible for energy: although everyone in the office should be aware of and actively participate in the implementation of these measures, it is important that there is a person who not only ensures that all equipment, lights and appliances are off, but also remember these simple tips to help you save energy and be more efficient.